Leslie Jones, Founder

Leslie Headshot 2019.jpg

"Did you ever realize that you were a champion?"... Kanye West Lyric


It's easy to become what you've always dreamed of. Some people dream about becoming doctors, lawyers, wives, husbands, and renowned travelers; And then it happens! The small percentage of people who want to make others smile and lend a helping hand.


Leslie Jones just so happens to be apart of that small percentage of "helpers"; or what she calls, Movie Directors. As a hybrid native of Chicago, Il, and Birmingham, Al., Leslie has been directing an epic film for almost thirty years (her life). Always seen with a smile, positive attitude, pen, and a camera, CEO of Leiko J. Media Group has coined the phrase, "Life is Directing". Derived from a famous quote, "life is a movie, direct it well", she views her life as a film in the making. Every film has a beginning, climax, and ending; sometimes leaving the audience with cliff hangers. The quote, "life is directing" is for all of the “Movie Directors” who are on the path to creating an epic storyline and willing to change, provoke, and inspire those coming behind you.


Leslie is an Alumnae of Chicago State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Communications, Media Arts & Theatre; as well as an Alumnae of the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a Master's Degree in Communications Management. With a combined ten-year professional tenure as an independent film producer, writer, editor, and teacher, Leslie is eager to ultimately own and operate a Public Relations Firm and assist the Urban Communities with proper planning, marketing, and successful business operations by way of disseminating the correct information and protocols.


Taking one photo, shooting one video, and writing one word at a time, Leiko J. Media Group is ready to take the world by storm!