Growing Pains.. Things You Do in Your Late 20s

Today I woke up and realized that my 27th Birthday is 11 days away. Let that marinate for a minute….

Okay, really. I woke up today and realized that my 27th birthday is 11 days away. I jumped out of bed. Checked emails and social media on my phone. Turned on my “Turn Up” playlist and blasted the sounds of “Slippery” by Migos and proceeded to get ready for my day gig. I leave home and head to work. Check a few work emails. Put out a few fires. Listen to more Hip-Hop and R&B music. Daily routine type stuff basically.

And then it happens! My recently married sister invites me to join a book club *Insert excited side-eye*. See, there’s nothing wrong with book clubs. I love reading and writing (of course). It’s just that everyone that I personally know that are in book clubs, are in their late 20s to early 40s.

And then it happens again! It hits home that I am closer to 30, than I am to 21. I am categorized in the 26-40 age group. I have officially joined the “Late 20s” Club. Ya’ll know the club… The one where the ladies are still young enough to party with the college kids, old enough to swap stories with the 50 year olds, young enough to enjoy amusement parks, but old enough to experience knee, hip, and back pain. Yeah… that club! This club also enjoys wine, neo-soul, and beards… Sorry I digress. But ya’ll get it!

So, back to this whole book club thing. Back when I was between the ages of 8-14, my sisters and I would read books everyday - just for fun! Soon after, we immersed ourselves into music and discovered lyrics. We would sit up for hours analyzing music lyrics and discussing what those lyrics meant to us. It was a fun and interesting time. Somewhere along the way, we lost sight of that innocence. So, as we fast forward almost 15 years or so later to “creating a book club”, life has become full circle. The innocence of African American women discussing and empowering each other, over a good book, wine, cheese, and spades - it’s lit ya’ll! Reading opens the mind and soul, and creates the vulnerability and innocence that we had so many years ago. It’s a slight getaway from whatever our current reality is.

That’s what writing is for me.

So, as I eagerly join the 27 Club, there are a few things that I’ve realized that you do in your late 20s. Besides, we all must grow up one day, right? Growing pains are tough, but let’s dive right into it!

  1. Travel. The world is constantly evolving, but every now and then take a break from school, work, & family and live a little.

  2. Save. Saving money is hard. Point. Blank. Period. But, one day you may need a cushion to fall back on. So, while you’re young start that savings account and begin stacking those coins!

  3. Accomplish Anything. Everyone’s path is different. Before you cross over into the 30s, accomplish something that you’re proud of. Something to say, “man back in my 20s I did such and such”. Accomplishments give you a sense of self.

  4. Live life without regrets. If you mess up - stand up, dust off and keep going. Life isn’t a race. Do you and do it well! Everyone has a story. Live life long enough to tell yours and inspire those behind you. You never know who’s watching.

So, here’s to growing pains! While enduring the pain, God is preparing you for your next greatness. Even if it means joining a book club to realize and experience the innocence you once held.

Besides, we all must grow up one day, right? SIIKKKEEE!!! *Cue music. Proceeds to twerk.*

Dedicated to my sisters: RL and Mrs. H!

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